An XacPac Optimised Load Plan

  • Complies with the UN/IMO/ILO Packing Code
  • SOLAS container weight verification
  • Maximises use of container space
  • Uses fewer containers for a given quantity of goods
  • Reduces:
    • Freight transportation costs
    • Energy consumption
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
    • Risks of damaged goods
    • Container handleing accidents
Distribution Manager

Introducing SimuPac: Interactive 3D Tool for Manual Load Planning

Logico has released a SaaS tool, called SimuPac, which can be used to build 3D load plans from a computer rather than with paper and pencil or by trial and error on the packing floor. By running SimuPac on an IE browser, a user can identify usable space in a container, select and arrange items in blocks and position the blocks exactly where they are wanted. The tool keeps track of all empty space, guides the user about fitting items into spaces, display the center of gravity of the developing load and warns the user of excessive weights or crushing stacks. Build load plans exactly as you want them, effectively and easily with SimuPac. And it is free for six months, forever for training organizations. See details in the Resources tab or contact Logico for more information.

  XacPac adds value for:

  • Domestic and international container shippers
  • Transloaders, cross-docking facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Freight forwarders and cargo consolidators
  • Manufacturers with any size packing container
  • Container cargo managers
  • Logistics providers
  • Origin-to-Destination container packing
  • Intermodal container packing

"XacPac has proven, through a broad range of corporations, that it can provide gains of between 10% and 34% in commercial packing operations."

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