An XacPac Optimised Load Plan

  • Complies with the UN/IMO/ILO Packing Code
  • Maximises use of container space
  • Uses fewer containers for a given quantity of goods
  • Reduces:
    • Freight transportation costs
    • Energy consumption
    • Greenhouse gas emissions
    • Risks of damaged goods
    • Container handeling accidents
Distribution Manager

Pressures Mounting on a Global Supply Chain

The availability of low cost country sourcing has exceeded the processes and systems needed to efficiently manage the global supply chain. Global intermodal traffic now exceeds 560 million TEUs and the increase in demand for available container space has created a scramble for empty containers. As companies search for the means to meet the demand, transportation costs in the supply chain have increased dramatically. Fuel prices have increased by 24%, while surcharges rose by 50% over last year. The CGF Index for land transport costs are relentlessly trending upward.

At Logico, a fundamental solution to controlling transportation costs is optimal use of the available space in the container.

  XacPac adds value for:

  • Domestic and international container shippers
  • Transloaders, cross-docking facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Freight forwarders and cargo consolidators
  • Manufacturers with any size packing container
  • Container cargo managers
  • Logistics providers
  • Origin-to-Destination container packing
  • Intermodal container packing

"XacPac has proven, through a broad range of corporations, that it can provide gains of between 10% and 34% in commercial packing operations."

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